Tuesday, 31 August 2010

New training plan

Since my last post I have been working on rough training plan for the coming months. My aim by this time next year is to be able to ride comfortably at an average speed of 15mph for 8 hours per day under medium difficulty conditions (light headwind, rolling hills) without incurring damage which I can't recover from in 12 (a night), or at most 32 (a rest day) hours.

To Start off with I'm going to work on repairing and strengthening my joints (my knees in particular, as they took quite a beating on the lands end ride) and increasing my flexibility, which should help to decrease the risk of injury later on when training becomes more intensive. Along with that I will be cycling for travel as I usually do.

After about a month I'm going to add interval training on top. Interval training is a training regime designed to increase threashold power, which is a measure of ones usefull energy output at the boundry between sustainable and unsustainable levels of exertion. It is threashold power which defines a persons maximum comfortable speed at any endurance sport, and can be quite easily measured on the exorcise bikes at most gyms.

After a few weeks of the interval training I will add one long distance ride per week, of between 3 and 6 hours, focusing more on efficiency and form than speed and distance, but also to gage the impact of the interval training on long rides.

After a while and depending on my free time, I may make it 2 long distance rides per week, and/or increase the length of the rides up to 8 hours.

I will continue with this untill january when I plan to ride to Valencia to meet some friends, after which I will rethink my training strategy.

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